"My Photography is my artwork.

It is the opposite of staged elopement or family photography shoots.

I do not manufacture moments.

I look for the beauty that's naturally there, focusing on the people and the emotions.

I capture moments that will always remind you what is precious and essential.

This is what Photography means to me." 

Yulia Gladysheva Photography



wedding phootography / the ceremony at Alta Lake, Whistler


Family photography / day in a life photosession


People, moments, emotions inspire my photographies. Then, with that precious material, comes the delicate alchemy of sequencing, finding pace and highlights and a beautiful song to tie it all in. It’s like creating a magical potion.

First Impressions:

Omg, what a wonderful thing to wake up to Yulia!!! AMAZING!!! Thank you so much!! It was incredible to relive it all.​​



Yulia is awesome! She is so professional, is amazing behind the lens and lovely to work with as a person. We loved the photos she took of our Whistler elopement and highly recommend her! Five stars!

Gina & Paty

Hi! I am Yulia.

I am the mom of two beautiful girls and a founder of Yulia Gladysheva Photography. Before I would say photography is my passion. But recently I realized my passion is people, and photography is a tool that helps me to tell stories about them that matter ...

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Elopement and Family Photographer | Whistler | Pemberton | Vancouver | Worldwide

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